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The Center for Creative Learning and Teaching is a think-tank of professionals exploring   the power of the creative process and creative thinking. The organization dedicates itself

to personal and organizational change facilitated through advocacy, research, and professional development.

CCLT Announces the release of the following books by our consultants.

Elsie Ritzenhein's book "Generative Leadership: Shaping new Futures for Tomorrow's Schools Jerry Evansky's book "Classroom Activators: 64 Novel Ways to Energize Learners."

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CCLT partners with former Freedom to Learn management to create new national not-for-profit: the One-to-One Institute.

CCLT to manage the development of middle school academy of arts and sciences in Armada, Michigan.

Executive Director, Michael Gielniak presents workshop on creativity and innovation at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago April 10, 2007.

CCLT turns management of Anton Art Center back to The Art Center Board of Directors after successful restructuring and completion of 1.6 million renovation. For more information   click here


Grant Writing Workshop

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